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On today’s episode, Caylen Wojcik joins us to talk about teaching long range, precision shooting. Hear more on Caylen’s zen-like attitude, rechanneling focus and energy, common bad habits from competitors, to buying forgiveness with gear.

Caylen has amassed nearly 20 years’ worth of professional experience in the realm of precision shooting.  Through reading and self-guided research, his passion for precision shooting began at a young age as he explored the fascinating components of the precision shooting system. His professional career began as a Marine Scout/Sniper, spending close to a decade immersed in the culture and learning how to create both basically trained and advanced Marine Scout/Snipers. Upon completion of his active duty service, he went on to continue teaching professionals in the private security sector, law enforcement and military snipers, and responsible armed citizens.

Learn more about Caylen, his involvement within precision rifle competitive sport, to his teaching, and more, on the PRC Podcast!


00:54 – Caylen’s background and involvement within the precision rifle community

01:52 – Teaching long range shooting; Kalinski Consulting & Training Services

03:47 – Luke Carrick and their Backcountry Hunter Course; reveling in the greatness and the solitude of the backcountry while pursuing game

13:11 – Zen-like attitude vs Seriousness pertaining to competition-life, and in general

19:15 – Rechanneling focus and energy after a bad stage; be kind to yourself

21:25 – Curriculum for LE, MIL, Civilians

22:51 – What is the most common bad habit in precision rifle shooting that people should focus on?

26:56 – Course focused on mental-aspect of precision rifle shooting; harnessing the power of your own mind

29:54 – Innovation vs Gear Race Trend; buying forgiveness

36:34 – Gap between civilians and military

42:45 – Competiting amongst those with the same Background / Pedigree of training

44:59 – Good instructors to regurgitators

51:35 – Upcoming courses for civilians

55:55 – Future endeavors and closing

Great Links:

Kalinski Consulting – https://kalinskiconsulting.com/

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