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National Rifle League

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Modern Day Sniper & Hunting w/ Phillip Velayo | PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 11

On today’s episode, Phillip Velayo joins Travis Ishida to talk about Modern Day Sniper, the mindset, mentorship with a precision rifle team, and more! Phillip Velayo’s experience in the Marines within the scout/sniper pipeline, in precision rifle competitions, as a professional long range shooting instructor, and in other involvements along the way, lead him to his newest venture beyond the uniform, Modern Day Sniper. Learn more about Phillip, Modern Day Sniper, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 00:51 – Phillip Velayo’s Background 01:28 –

OPPS Young Guns Challenge w/ OGs Justin Shireman and Matt Parry | PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 10

On today’s episode, Justin Shireman and Matt Parry of Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooters (OPPS) join Travis Ishida to talk about the youth shooters, crafting a match focused on improving the skills of the next generation of competitors, and more! Justin Shireman is an avid hunter and one of the original ‘Okies’ traveling coast-to-coast to hit some of the very first ever organized precision rifle matches, and although not actively competing at current day national-level matches, he utilizes the precision rifle skills

Enriched by Precision Rifle w/ Kili Lilly PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 9

On today’s episode, Kili Lilly joins Travis Ishida to talk about a precision rifle journey from a woman’s perspective, experiencing the sport as a family, the dynamic of competing with her husband, and more! Precision Rifle competitor, Kili has jumped straight in to national-level matches, is a great ambassador for the sport, and offers boundless advice for women interested in the sport. Learn more about Kili and more on the PRC Podcast! Index: 01:07 – Kili’s Background and an Enriched Precision Rifle Life 02:42 –

Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge w/ Regina Milkovich PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 8

On today’s episode, Regina Milkovich joins Travis Ishida to talk about the Arizona Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge’s 9th Annual Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge (TPRC), the props that may appear, advice for the match, her precision rifle journey this season, and more! 2020 NRL Match Director, Regina has been involved in the TPRC events since essentially the beginning, is a top lady precision rifle competitor, and is directing the 9th Annual TPRC as part of the NRL Season this November. Learn more about

2020 NRL22 and NRL22X with Ty Frehner PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 7

On today’s episode, Tyler Frehner joins to talk about the NRL22, new rules, the degree of accuracy required in the sport, going extreme with NRL22X, to camaraderie, and more! Director of Match Operations, Tyler has been involved in the precision rifle shooting sector for a very long time, has paved the way for NRL since 2016, is one of the creators of NRL22, and many of this sport’s accomplishments are as a result his dedication and hard work. Learn more about Tyler,

Across the Pond with Ryan Charlton PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 6

On today’s episode, Ryan Charlton joins to talk about deep diving into precision rifle shooting, the precision rifle growth in the UK and other countries, hunting, and more! From rural England, Ryan has been an avid shooter and hunter for 15 years, he works in the UK gun industry with Highland Outdoors. In the past year he has traveled to the States to compete in his first U.S. NRL match, and first ever precision rifle match, at the PRSID Gem State

Keeping Skills Sharp during COVID-19 with Phillip Velayo PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 5

On today’s episode, Phillip Velayo joins to talk about keeping skills sharp during this COVID-19 crisis, a cadence to dryfiring, to the shooter’s checklist and cycle operations, and more! Wyoming based match director, educator, and competitor, Phillip Velayo’s shooting journey began in the US Marine Corps, to becoming a highly respected precision rifle ambassador and the lead instructor for Gunwerks Long Range University and Training. Learn more about Phillip, his teaching techniques, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 1:01 – Intro 1:35 – How

Overall Match Win with Chris Way PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 4

On today’s episode, Chris Way joins to talk about competing with an open mind, the aha moments in his precision rifle journey, to earning a 1st place overall win at the 2020 Rifles Only Brawl, and more! Colorado based competitor, Chris Way got into the sport only a short time ago and has experienced a variety of new challenges state to state, to most recently earning a 1st overall national-level match win. He has had a year of perspective and continues

Bighorn Steel Classic with Chaz Macrander PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 3

On today’s episode, Chaz Macrander joins to talk about the Bighorn Steel Classic, gear to bring for Nebraska matches, exciting side-matches, and more! Nebraska based competitor, Chaz Macrander got into the sport through hunting and has since done everything from competing, ROing, directing local centerfire matches, to directing 2-day, national-level matches. Learn more about Chaz’s background, gearing up for the match, safety, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 01:23 – Chaz’s Background into the Sport; the addiction 07:25 – Hosting 2-Day National-Level matches 15:11 –

Ringing Steel w/ Lou Smith PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 2

On today’s episode, Lou Smith joins to talk about modifications to reloading process, evolution of cartridges, score analysis, and more! Colorado based competitor, Lou Smith was born into bench-rest, and with an aerospace engineering background, has an eye for the details needed to make first round impacts on long range targets. Learn more about Lou’s background, perspective from the engineer’s mindset, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 01:08 – Intro; Lou’s Background into the Sport 06:01 – Good ol’ Remington 700; getting the precision