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NRL’s 2019 Mid-Season Report w/ Ty Frehner and Travis Ishida PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 12

On today’s episode, Tyler Frehner and Travis Ishida joins to talk about the National Rifle League’s Mid-Season Report. Tyler Frehner, Director of Match Operations, and Travis Ishida, President of NRL goes over what transpired so far in the NRL 2019 Season, and the 2019 Scoring system. You’ll also hear more on the competitor Ranks (as of 7/12/2019), Top Contenders, the Remaining Matches of the season, including the 2019 NRL Championship Match in December, and great Industry news updates. Learn more about NRL’s

Teaching Precision Rifle Shooting w/ Caylen Wojcik PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 11

On today’s episode, Caylen Wojcik joins us to talk about teaching long range, precision shooting. Hear more on Caylen’s zen-like attitude, rechanneling focus and energy, common bad habits from competitors, to buying forgiveness with gear. Caylen has amassed nearly 20 years’ worth of professional experience in the realm of precision shooting.  Through reading and self-guided research, his passion for precision shooting began at a young age as he explored the fascinating components of the precision shooting system. His professional career began as

H-S Precision w/ Josh Cluff PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 10

On today’s episode, Josh Cluff joins us to talk about an impressive company within the precision rifle sport, H-S Precision. Hear more on the company being 100% sole sufficient on everything it builds and how that translates with its long-range precision specs, crossovers from hunting and competitive shooting, to the mental fortitude in competitions. Josh Cluff, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for H-S Precision, is very passionate about the outdoor industry, hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. He has been with the