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On today’s episode, match director Jacob Bynum, joins us to talk about the 2019 Rifles Only Brawl!

Jacob has been holding precision rifle courses since the mid 90s, and is the owner of Rifles Only and Wild Horse Distillery. Rifles Only is a premiere destination for firearms training and competition located in Kingsville, Texas. Wild Horse Distillery produces premium quality spirits from 100% locally sourced ingredients in the Wild Horse Desert of Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.

Learn more about Jacob, what to expect from the Rifles Only Brawl, insight from over 20 years of precision rifle experience, and more on the PRC Podcast!


0:15 – History of Rifles Only and Precision Rifle Competition

8:30 – The advance of firearm technology vs. basic fundamentals

11:00 – Developing a match and COF for Rifles Only

15:00 – Advice to new shooters on preparing for a stage

18:00 – The difference between a top shooter and an average shooter

20:30 – Chasing caliber styles for competition

23:00 – Perspective on properly training new shooters

29:00 – Training a female vs. training a male

34:30 – Recognizing elderly shooters in the community

36:30 – What to look forward to at the 2019 Rifles Only Brawl

41:00 – Closing thoughts on the NRL and Rifles Only

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