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Episode 15: Young Guns Perspective - Ashton Glasscock and Carson Rutherford

On today’s episode, NRL young guns Ashton Glasscock and Carson Rutherford joins on this podcast to talk about how they got into precision rifle competitions. Hear more on their perspectives; our next generation of competitors of our sport.

Carson Rutherford is currently sitting top of NRL’s Leaderboard for 2019, and Ashton Glasscock is one of NRL’s newest Young Guns.

Tune in to the PRC Podcast!

Episode 14: What's Next for NRL

On today’s episode, Travis Ishida joins from the road to provide insight on what’s to come for the NRL.

Travis Ishida, President of NRL goes over NRL accomplishments, great questions about NRL, and what’s next.

Tune in for this, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 13: Heatstroke Open AAR and Road Ahead for NRL

On today’s episode, Travis Ishida joins from the road to provide a Heatstroke Open After Action Report, and the Road Ahead for the NRL.

Travis Ishida, President of NRL goes over some great questions about NRL and what’s coming up.

Learn more about NRL, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 12: NRL's 2019 Mid-Season Report

On today’s episode, Tyler Frehner and Travis Ishida joins to talk about the National Rifle League’s Mid-Season Report.

Tyler Frehner, Director of Match Operations, and Travis Ishida, President of NRL goes over what transpired so far in the NRL 2019 Season, and the 2019 Scoring system. You’ll also hear more on the competitor Ranks (as of 7/12/2019), Top Contenders, the Remaining Matches of the season, including the 2019 NRL Championship Match in December, and great Industry news updates.

Learn more about NRL’s 2019 Season, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 11: Teaching Precision Rifle with Caylen Wojcik

On today’s episode, Caylen Wojcik joins us to talk about teaching long range, precision shooting. Hear more on Caylen’s zen-like attitude, rechanneling focus and energy, common bad habits from competitors, to buying forgiveness with gear.

Caylen has amassed nearly 20 years’ worth of professional experience in the realm of precision shooting.  Through reading and self-guided research, his passion for precision shooting began at a young age as he explored the fascinating components of the precision shooting system. His professional career began as a Marine Scout/Sniper, spending close to a decade immersed in the culture and learning how to create both basically trained and advanced Marine Scout/Snipers. Upon completion of his active duty service, he went on to continue teaching professionals in the private security sector, law enforcement and military snipers, and responsible armed citizens.

Learn more about Caylen, his involvement within precision rifle competitive sport, to his teaching, and more, on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 10: H-S Precision with Josh Cluff

On today’s episode, Josh Cluff joins us to talk about an impressive company within the precision rifle sport, H-S Precision. Hear more on the company being 100% sole sufficient on everything it builds and how that translates with its long-range precision specs, crossovers from hunting and competitive shooting, to the mental fortitude in competition shooting.

Josh Cluff, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for H-S Precision, is very passionate about the outdoor industry, hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. He has been with the company for almost 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge in the various outdoor markets.

Learn more about Josh, H-S Precision, his involvement in the precision rifle competitive sport, and more, on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 9: Winning Outlook with Regina Milkovich

On today’s episode, Regina Milkovich, joins us to talk about growth of women in the sport, the gear, good habits and safety, to a winning mindset.

Regina has been competing for 10 years now, is the only female to have won a 1st place title at a national-level precision match, and went on to win a second 1st place in, helps run the Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters club, and competes for many great companies within the industry including Vortex Optics, Spartan Precision, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Timney Triggers, and more. She also trains and instructs in precision rifle shooting and is finding ways to get more ladies and juniors get into the sport.

Learn more about Regina, women’s involvement in the sport, safety, and more, on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 8: Modular Driven Technologies with Matt Hornback

On today’s episode, Matt Hornback, joins us to talk about Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) of the precision rifle sport.

Matt has caught the precision rifle bug; he’s been involved with manufacturers within the precision rifle industry, got heavy into the competition-side during NRL’s opening season, and has been in Army sniper school. He currently serves in the Army National Guard and is also the PR manager of Modular Driven Technologies (MDT).

Learn more about Matt, great releases from MDT, evolution within the precision rifle sport, and more, on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 7: Competitive Shooting with Michael Lilly

On today’s episode, competitive shooter, Mike Lilly, joins us to talk about his journey within the precision rifle community.

Mike is new to national-level competitive shooting within NRL and has been going full steam ahead spending free time at matches, while balancing work and family.

Learn more about Mike, his insight being new to the sport, the dynamic of having a spouse out competing as well, and more, on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 6: Brand Ambassadorship with Chris Gittings

On today’s episode, Sports Agent of OneWest Sports and team manager of PROOF Research, Chris Gittings joins us to talk about brand ambassadorship and sponsored shooters within precision rifle community.

Chris is an NFL Sports Agent by day, with 20 years experience representing and negotiating contracts for players, working on endorsements, charity and appearance deals for them, and has had his own agency for 8 years. Within the shooting industry, he’s been a pistol shooter, a 3-gun shooter, and in the latest discipline, a competitor of precision rifle. In addition, he is a part-time writer for Outdoor Life.

Learn more about Chris, his insight with brand ambassadorship, what expectations are from sponsored shooters to brands, and vice versa, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 5: Blue Mountain Precision with Eric Andersen

On today’s episode, we sit down with Eric Andersen of Blue Mountain Precision!

Eric grew up working on his dad’s farm and construction company in Wisconsin, where he would always pull factory guns apart and improve them for hunting. He then visited his family and decided it was time to start Blue Mountain Precision for one reason: to build superior accurate rifles! Since then Blue Mountain Precision has become one of the most popular gunsmiths in the country used by NRL and PRS shooters, and with the help of other companies, started the Loaner Rifle Program for the NRL!

Learn more about Eric, how the NRL Loaner Rifle Program came to be, the future of building custom rifles, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 4: Rifles Only 2019 Brawl with Jacob Bynum

On today’s episode, match director Jacob Bynum, joins us to talk about the 2019 Rifles Only Brawl!

Jacob has been holding precision rifle courses since the mid 90s, and is the owner of Rifles Only and Wild Horse Distillery. Rifles Only is a premiere destination for firearms training and competition located in Kingsville, Texas. Wild Horse Distillery produces premium quality spirits from 100% locally sourced ingredients in the Wild Horse Desert of Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.

Learn more about Jacob, what to expect from the Rifles Only Brawl, insight from over 20 years of precision rifle experience, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 3: Axis Works Long Range Challenge with Christopher Tressler & Rusty Ulmer

On today’s episode, match directors Christopher Tressler and Rusty Ulmer, join us to talk about the highly anticipated AxisWorks Long Range Challenge!

Christopher has been shooting precision rifle matches since 2011, and has directed several national matches in Arizona. Rusty has been shooting competitively for about 3 years and is a top tier shooter in the NRL. Rusty designed the COF for the AxisWorks Long Range Challenge and will make his debut into match directing.

Learn more about Christopher and Rusty, what to expect from the AxisWorks Long Range Challenge, is more weight on your rifle a good or bad idea, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 2: Nico Detour | Getting Into Reloading

On today’s episode, Nico Detour stops by the podcast to talk about how he is starting to reload for this upcoming season.

Nico has served in the USMC and has competed in multiple Competition Dynamics and NRL matches the last several years. He’s always been an advocate for shooting factory ammo, but this year he’s decided to start reloading to help improve his shooting for the season.

Learn more about Nico, what equipment he’s using to reload, what caliber, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 1: Tyler Frehner | 2019 NRL Season

Welcome to Season 2 of the Precision Rifle Channel Podcast! What better way to start off the new year and season than with our good friend Tyler Frehner!

Tyler Frehner is the Co-Founder and Director of Match Operations for the National Rifle League. Today Tyler will be talking about all the new rules and regulations for the upcoming NRL season, as well as which matches he’s excited for in 2019.

Learn more about Tyler, what it’s like being the Director of Match Operations, a new scoring system, and more on the PRC Podcast!


Episode 21: Phillip Velayo & Eli Harrison | Precision Rifle Champion Q&A

On today’s special episode, we invite 2 different competitors to the podcast: a new shooter and seasoned shooter.

Eli Harrison is a hunter from Colorado, and first got introduced to the sport through YouTube. Since then he’s RO’d three national matches and just competed in his first national match. Competitive shooter, Phillip Velayo, recently finished 1st Place at the 2018 PRS Finale and 10th overall for the season. Today Eli gets to ask Phillip any questions he or a new shooter may have.

Learn more about what caliber a new shooter should shoot, if you should go custom for your first competitive rifle, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 20: Chris Way | A Year Dedicated to Competition Shooting

On today’s episode, multi-sport adventure athlete, Chris Way, joins the podcast to talk about precision rifle shooting and his ambitious plan for next year.

Chris dove head first into the competitive shooting world when he first signed up for the Sniper Adventure Challenge, one of the most physically & mentally demanding matches put on by Competition Dynamics. A couple years later he signed up for his first national match at the Mile High Shootout, and became the first person to use the NRL Loaner Rifle made by Blue Mountain Precision.

Learn more about Chris, his goal for next season, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 19: Adam Vaught | Are There Too Many Matches?

On today’s episode, match director Adam Vaught from Kentucky, joins the podcast!

Adam is from western Kentucky and ran the Rockcastle rifle series with his wife. He’s been hunting all his life and got into precision rifle shooting 5 years ago. Adam will be directing the Revolution At Rockcastle match later this year in June for the NRL 2019 season.

Learn more about Adam, why he thinks too many matches is a problem, the Border War rifle series regions, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 18: Travis Gibson | 3-Gun and Precision Rifle Shooting

On today’s episode, renowned Pistol and 3-Gunner, Travis Gibson, joins us on the podcast!

From bull riding & motorcycling, to pistol shooting, and now to 3-Gun and Long range shooting… Travis has done it all! When he’s not winning matches, Travis is running the world-class steel target manufacturer, MGM Targets!

Learn more about Travis, his recent partnership with Caracal USA, shooting tips from the man himself, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 17: Jon Pynch | 2018 NRL Championship

On today’s special episode, the 2018 NRL Champion – Jon Pynch, stops by the podcast to recap the epic championship match.

Coming down to just 1 point, Jon was able to take home the title as this year’s NRL Champion. Listen as Jon takes you through on what went down on the final stage with Austin Orgain and Jake Vibbert.

Learn more about Jon, what gear he’s running, who he thinks is the next up-and-comer for next year, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 16: Scott Satterlee, Keith Baker, Nico Detour | Evolution of Precision Rifle Matches

On today’s episode, Travis sits down to chat with various shooters, from both east coast and west coast, just before the Rock Lake NRL Steel Challenge.

How can match directors cater to the top, mid-range, and new shooters? How has Self-RO’ing worked at matches? How do you pick and choose which matches to compete in? All these topics discussed by Scott Satterlee, Keith Baker, and Nico Detour.

Learn more about the early days of the sport, an east coast shooter’s experience shooting on the west, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 15: Britainy McMillan | McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

On today’s episode, Travis invites Britainy McMillan, VP of Operations at McMillan Fiberglass Stocks!

The McMillan Family has devoted itself to the firearms industry for the last 40 years. The family business has grown into one of the most well-known and respected custom rifle stocks in the industry. Today McMillan is a proud sponsor of Guardian Long Range competitions, which are full day precision shooting events where 100% of the proceeds go towards helping orphans and foster children.

Hear more about Britainy, the McMillan family history, how you can be a part of the Guardian matches, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 14: Jim See | Border War Rifle Series

On today’s special episode, precision rifle shooter and instructor, Jim See, stops by the podcast to catch up with Travis!

A business owner for companies such as Center Shot Rifles & Elite Accuracy, and a top finisher in early PRS competitions, Jim has been involved in the precision rifle industry for many years. 2 years ago Jim started the Border War Rifle Series, which are 1-day matches that provide shooters a fun and affordable way to participate in high-level competitive precision shooting.

Learn more about Jim’s career, the Border War Rifle Series, and how it’s grown into one of the largest precision rifle shooting series’ in the country!

Episode 13: Janae Frehner & Reece Morgan | Women and Precision Rifle Shooting

On today’s episode, Travis invites Janae Frehner and Cherisse (Reece) Morgan to the podcast!

Precision rifle shooting has seen a lot of growth in the last couple of years, especially in participation of women shooters. However there is still a percentage of women out there who are still on the fence about getting into the sport.

Hear from both an experienced shooter and new shooter talk about women in precision rifle, why it can be intimidating for other women, and more on the PRC Podcast. Also make sure to share this podcast with anyone interested in getting into the sport!

Episode 12: Kristy Titus | NRA Board of Director, Competitive Shooter

On today’s special episode, Travis invites “Pursue The Wild” host, Kristy Titus, to the podcast!

Here are just a few things listed on Kristy’s extensive resume: She’s part of the NRA Board of Directors, is a successful shooting instructor and hunter, stars in her own digital series ‘Pursue The Wild’, and serves as a brand ambassador for many companies like Ruger, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Nightforce Optics, and many more!

Learn more about Kristy, her shooting career, her advice for female shooters in the sport, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 11: Nathan Webnar | Short Action Precision

On today’s episode, Travis invites his good friend Nathan Webnar of Short Action Precision to the podcast!

Nathan started shooting precision rifle in 2009, worked in the entertainment industry, and founded Short Action Precision in 2011. Nathan has been actively involved in the precision rifle industry for years – competing, RO’ing, and sponsoring matches.

Learn more about Nathan, his advice to new shooters dealing with a handicap, the origins of Short Action Precision, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 10: Jeremy Bentham | Nikon Sport Optics

On today’s special episode, Nikon senior manager Jeremy Bentham answers viewers’ questions about Nikon’s new BLACK series of optics.

For 2018 Nikon has taken a giant leap forward into the precision rifle market with the development of their new BLACK FX1000 riflescope and 4K Laser Rangefinder. Nikon has not only been able to offer products that are innovative & affordable for shooters, but has also been able to deliver a new level of performance and with some of the finest optics in the precision rifle and hunting markets today.

Learn more about Jeremy, how Nikon differentiates themselves from other optic companies, and more on today’s episode of the PRC Podcast!

Episode 9: Andy Reinhardt | Competition Dynamics

On today’s episode, Travis invited precision rifle shooter Andy Reinhardt to the podcast!

Andy started his shooting career doing Competition Dynamics matches before transitioning to precision rifle matches. His most recent CD match was the 2018 Steel Safari, where he took 3rd place. Recently the topic of cheating has been going around in the shooting community. Andy gives us his thoughts on the consequences of cheating at matches.

Learn more about Andy, his opinion on today’s gear race, cheating, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 8: Robert Quigley | High Country Precision's Mile High Shootout

On today’s episode, we invite match director Robert Quigley to the podcast!

Robert and his team host High Country Precision’s Milehigh Shootout, a national level match that sold out in Colorado last year. Building off last year’s success, Robert is adding more stages, and more land to shoot on this year. Robert also shares with us some details on High Country Precision’s other upcoming match that will take place on the military base: Camp Atterbury.

Learn more about Robert, High Country Precision and their 2 national level matches, and more on the PRC Podcast!

Episode 7: Phillip Velayo | Competitive Shooter

On this week’s episode, Travis invites precision rifle shooter and instructor Phillip Velayo.

Phillip is a 10-year Marine Scout Sniper veteran, a top shooter in the National Rifle League and PRS, was nominated for Scout Sniper Instructor of the Year in 2016, and just became the Lead Shooting Instructor for Gunwerks Long Range University. Phillip also hosts his own show, Systematic Approach, on the Precision Rifle Channel.

Episode 6: Ryan Hey | MagnetoSpeed

On this week’s episode, Ryan Hey is on the PRC podcast to talk about the latest technology and companies pushing into the competition side of the precision rifle industry.

Ryan is a veteran, competitive shooter, and works for Magneto Speed. This year he has 13 national precision rifle matches on his schedule.

Learn more about Ryan, Magneto Speed’s target hit indicators, where technology is taking the precision rifle shooting, and how some big named companies are now just breaking into the commercial side of precision rifle industry.

Episode 5: Matt Means | XLR Industries

On this week’s episode, Travis invites Matt Means of XLR Industries to the show!

Matt is the sales manager at XLR Industries. XLR is a world-class rifle chassis manufacturer, best known for their Evolution and Element Chassis, which feature their renowned, fully adjustable buttstocks.

Learn more about Matt, trends in the chassis market, what sets XLR apart from other manufacturers, and more on today’s episode!

Episode 4: Jake Vibbert | JC Steel Target Challenge, Competitive Shooting

On today’s special episode, Travis invites precision rifle shooter and match director Jake Vibbert.

For the last couple of years Jake has been known as one of the top precision rifle shooters in the nation, taking home multiple 1st place finishes at national level matches. Jake is also the owner of JC Steel Targets Inc. and match directs several national level matches throughout the year.

Learn more about Jake, the annual JC Steel Target Challenge, how he prepares for matches, and more on this special episode of the Precision Rifle Channel Podcast!

Episode 3: Justin Watts | Precision Rifle Night Match, Silent Night

On today’s episode Travis invites precision rifle shooter and match director, Justin Watts, of Fouled Bore Precision to talk about his night match – Silent Night.

After serving in the Army, Justin started Fouled Bore Precision, where he would offer and teach different shooting classes. Today Fouled Bore Precision continues to grow, hosting monthly local matches and 2 national matches a year. Last year Justin shot 24 precision rifle matches last year, placing 5th in Butch’s Oklahoma Shoot.

Learn more about Justin and his night match Silent Night, misconceptions about shooting a night match, what gear Justin is running this season, and where he sees the sport going in the next 5 years.

Episode 2: Matt Hornback | Legacy Sports Int'l

This week Travis invites Matt Hornback to the show to talk about Howa USA & Lithgow Arms of Legacy Sports.

Matt is the director of product development for Legacy Sports, parent company of Howa USA and Lithgow Arms, did competitive shooting for 3-Gun Nation and USPSA, attended Army Sniper School in Fort Benning, and is currently a part of the Nevada National Guard.

In this episode Travis talks with Matt about the history and quality of Howa’s centerfire rifles, advice for new shooters, Australia’s very own Lithgow Arms, and much more!

Episode 1: Cole Quarnberg | Vudoo Gun Works

In our first episode of the Precision Rifle Channel Podcast, Travis sits down with Cole Quarnberg.
Cole is the director of sales and marketing at Vudoo Gun Works, public relations manager at Robinson Armament Co., competitive precision rifle shooter, match director, and former sergeant in the Utah National Guard.
Hear what Cole has to say about the rising popularity of Vudoo Gun Works, the growth of the .22 and precision rifle market, and how match directors can sell out their match.

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