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On today’s episode, Phillip Velayo joins Travis Ishida to talk about Modern Day Sniper, the mindset, mentorship with a precision rifle team, and more!

Phillip Velayo’s experience in the Marines within the scout/sniper pipeline, in precision rifle competitions, as a professional long range shooting instructor, and in other involvements along the way, lead him to his newest venture beyond the uniform, Modern Day Sniper.

Learn more about Phillip, Modern Day Sniper, and more, on the PRC Podcast!


00:51 – Phillip Velayo’s Background
01:28 – Mentorship within a Precision Rifle Team; SoCal Precision Rifle Team
06:31 – Modern Day Sniper (MDS) with Caylen Wojcik
14:30 – Race Guns and New Competitors
18:36 – Hunting and Ethical Shots
28:33 – Closing the Distance
32:58 – NRL Hunter Series; Learn about your Shooting Capabilities; Full Circle
43:12 – Words Mean Something; Competition
49:34 – Cards will Fall into Place
53:20 – Phillip’s Hunting Setup and Gear
01:04:22 – Theories on approaching a stage
01:07:54 – Hunting Suppressed or Unsuppressed
01:13:00 – MDS Offerings; Classes to Self-Discovery; Online Reference Materials
01:23:58 – The Mindfulness; Intentions
01:29:00 – Encompassing hunting; Coming from all different lenses
01:31:00 – Social platforms
01:35:00 – Closing

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Release date:
29 December 2020