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On today’s episode, Matt Hornback, joins us to talk about Modular Driven Technologies (MDT), and the evolution of the precision rifle sport.

Matt has caught the precision rifle bug; he’s been involved with manufacturers within the precision rifle industry, got heavy into the competition-side during NRL’s opening season, and has been in Army sniper school. He currently serves in the Army National Guard and is also the PR manager of Modular Driven Technologies (MDT).

Learn more about Matt, great releases from MDT, evolution within the precision rifle sport, and more, on the PRC Podcast!


00:28 – Matt’s background and involvement within the precision rifle community

01:34 – Evolution of the game over past couple years

02:35 – Modular Driven Technologies (MDT)’s developments

04:10 – MDT Chassis Systems

07:11 – Game-changing piece of gear – MDT Ckye-Pod

09:35 – The Chassis making waves this year – from rimfire, long action, short action

13:01 – ACC weight barebones to fully loaded

14:41 – Launch of the MDT Vertical Grip

16:20 – M-Lok Weights capabilities

18:10 – Why Weight Gains?

20:07 – Opportunities to test ACC – Official Side-Match Sponsor of MDT

23:43 – More great things coming!

26:24 – True Progression of the Precision Rifle Sport

35:05 – Matt’s favorite matches over past years

47:44 – 3 Key Things for successful match and Closing

Great Links:
MDT Chassis: https://mdttac.com/
Oryx: https://oryxchassis.com/
Ckye-Pod: https://mdttac.com/ca_en/mdt-ckye-pod.html
M-Lok: https://mdttac.com/us_en/catalog/category/view/id/59
Guardian Long Range Competitions: https://www.guardianlongrange.com/
Competition Dynamics: http://competition-dynamics.com/
NRL – South Africa: http://www.nrlsa.co.za/
Viking Rifle Series: https://www.vikingrifleseries.com/
NRL22: https://nrl22.org/
Lithgow: https://www.legacysports.com/catalog/lithgow/

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