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On today’s episode Travis invites precision rifle shooter and match director, Justin Watts, of Fouled Bore Precision to talk about his night match – Silent Night.

After serving in the Army, Justin started Fouled Bore Precision, where he would offer and teach different shooting classes. Today Fouled Bore Precision continues to grow, hosting monthly local matches and 2 national matches a year. Last year Justin shot 24 precision rifle matches last year, placing 4th in Butch’s Oklahoma Shoot.

Learn more about Justin and his night match Silent Night, misconceptions about shooting a night match, what gear Justin is running this season, and where he sees the sport going in the next 5 years.


0:15 –Details on the Silent Night match

6:02 – Differences directing a night match versus a day match

7:40 – Silent Night’s schedule and start time

10:02 –Will the time change affect shooters?

11:00 – Justin Watt’s background and shooting career

12:33 – Why are competitors afraid to shoot in Oklahoma?

13:45 – Goals for this year?

15:27 – Justin’s go-to competition set-up

16:54 – Where do you see the sport growing in 5 years?

18:06 – Justin’s favorite match that he has competed in

20:08 – Does it make a difference if you’re squaded with your friends or randoms?

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To register for Silent Night 2018, please visit: nationalrifleleague.org/matches-page/silent-night/