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On today’s special episode, precision rifle shooter and instructor, Jim See, stops by the podcast to catch up with Travis!

A business owner for companies such as Center Shot Rifles & Elite Accuracy, and a top finisher in early PRS competitions, Jim has been involved in the precision rifle industry for many years. 2 years ago Jim started the Border War Rifle Series, which are 1-day matches that provide shooters a fun and affordable way to participate in high-level competitive precision shooting.

Learn more about Jim’s career, the Border War Rifle Series, and how it’s grown into one of the largest precision rifle shooting series’ in the country!


0:30 – Jim See’s career in precision rifle shooting

3:24 – Precision rifle shooting Then vs. Now

4:56 – The birth of the Border War Rifle Series

14:03 – The burdens of prize tables

17:52 – Border War’s and NRL’s new partnership for 2019

26:57 – Border War’s championship format

29:25 – Changes to Border Wars for 2019

35:30 – Border War’s membership success

40:40 – Jim See’s Train Ups

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For more info on the Border War Rifle Series, visit: bwrifle.com/

For more info on Jim See’s Train-Ups, visit: eliteaccuracy.com/

In 2019, head to NRL Border War website!