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Educational, Entertaining, and highlighting perspective from a woman in the precision rifle industry! Janae Frehner talks everything precision rifle.

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Episode 4: How to Be A Good Range Officer

Janae Frehner is back and she’s talking about how to be a good range officer. She has done it a time or two, and she’s great at criticizing them! This comes in perfect timing, as a new precision rifle season is upon us. The community appreciates all those who volunteer to become a RO, as its one of the best ways to get involved. Let’s dive in, as she shares what it takes to be a good one for all the competitors.

Episode 3: What to Pack for a Precision Rifle Match

Now that a lot of us have brushed up on our match etiquette, Janae Frehner talks about her pack and what you should bring to a precision rifle match. There’s a ton of videos out there sharing on gear, but you probably haven’t heard from a female’s perspective!

Episode 2: Match Etiquette 101

New, and seasoned precision rifle shooters alike, we all can use a touch up on our Match Etiquette! Janae Frehner provides important information we can all use.

Episode 1: Shooting Bags

There are many great shooting bags available within the precision long range game. What’s the importance of them, and how do you which is the best for you? Janae Frehner goes over ones she’s used in the past, and ones she currently uses to make her shot placement more accurate!

Janae's Got a Gun: Trailer

Hear what you can expect to see on the new show Janae’s Got A Gun with host Janae Frehner. Season 1 coming soon!

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