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On today’s special episode, Nikon senior manager Jeremy Bentham answers viewers’ questions about Nikon’s new BLACK series of optics.

For 2018 Nikon has taken a giant leap forward into the precision rifle market with the development of their new BLACK FX1000 riflescope and 4K Laser Rangefinder. Nikon has not only been able to offer products that are innovative & affordable for shooters, but has also been able to deliver a new level of performance and with some of the finest optics in the precision rifle and hunting markets today.

Learn more about Jeremy, how Nikon differentiates themselves from other optic companies, and more on today’s episode of the PRC Podcast!


2:00 – Jeremy’s background in the precision rifle industry and how he got involved with Nikon

7:20 – What makes Nikon unique from other optic companies?

11:13 – Nikon’s 4K Laser Rangefinder

13:30 – Is there a sling attachment point?

14:37 – Expected battery life and affect of freezing temperatures

18:10 – How vertical cant affects calculation

20:50 – Is Nikon coming out with a mount adaptor for the rangefinder?

22:30 – Is Black FX1000 parallax set for 25 yards?

23:40 – Does Nikon offer the 4K rangefinder in different colors?

24:00 – Beam Divergence Angle for the Black 4K rangefinder

25:45 – Actual range distance on non-reflective targets

29:11 – Does Jeremy still compete and shoot?

30:25 – Is there a Nikon BLACK binocular with rangefinder?
31:37 – How does the rangefinder perform in extreme humidity?

36:55 – What the minimum range that the rangefinder will detect

37:27 – When will the 4K’s power in range be combined with the image stabilization of lower models?

41:00 – Is there an App that syncs with the rangefinders?

41:51 – Warranty on products

43:11 – Will there be a reticle option for the field scope product line?

43:57 – Development for any first focal plane optics with a sub $100 price point?

46:58 – What is the optical magnification?

49:28 – Winner of Nikon BLACK RANGE X 4K rangefinder

50:44 – Closing words from Jeremy

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