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On today’s episode, Josh Cluff joins us to talk about an impressive company within the precision rifle sport, H-S Precision. Hear more on the company being 100% sole sufficient on everything it builds and how that translates with its long-range precision specs, crossovers from hunting and competitive shooting, to the mental fortitude in competitions.

Josh Cluff, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for H-S Precision, is very passionate about the outdoor industry, hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. He has been with the company for almost 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge in the various outdoor markets.

Learn more about Josh, H-S Precision, his involvement in the precision rifle competitive sport, and more, on the PRC Podcast!


00:42 – Josh’s background and involvement within the precision rifle community

03:41 – H-S Precision beginnings

04:12 – History of H-S Precision and catering of different markets

05:20 – Building absolutely every component of rifles and tooling to build them

07:31 – Long Range Precision Specs and producing in-house

08:13 – State of the Art underground 100-yard range

09:40 – Innovation and great changes within the company

11:37 – Complete customization, and a competitor’s specs and optimization in his or her precision rifle

15:30 – New offerings with Barrels

17:25 – Josh’s match rifle and testing in the field

23:38 – Mental fortitude in competition

28:06 – Time management in competing and overcoming challenges

35:00 – Popularity and growth of the competitive precision rifle shooting

40:47 – Crossover in hunting and competitive shooting sports

46:29 – 3 Key Things for successful match and Closing

Great Links:

H-S Precision: https://www.hsprecision.com
Boomshakalaka: https://nationalrifleleague.org/product/boomshakala-t-shirt-limited-edition/

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