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On today’s episode, Scott Satterlee and Marchand Hovrud joins to share big news starting in 2020 and to talk about the responsibility of a community to further educate those around us.

At the core of our market is a community enriched and connected by the change NRL is seeking to make. When presented with the opportunity to get behind the mission and carry it forward for generations to come, what will you do? With our little pocket of the world, we have the chance to take initiative in not only reaching our markets but changing them.

Scott Satterlee has 26 years of service in the Army, nearly a decade’s experience in shooting in precision rifle matches and experience in directing matches. Marchand Hovrud is a hunter and wilderness time seeker. Both are great ambassadors of the precision rifle sport, taking on various roles as competitors, educators, range officers, and are positive influencers in this industry.

Hear more on their new outreach initiatives, opportunities available, the responsibilities of the community, and more, on the PRC Podcast!


01:13 – Big Announcement; New Education Chair

04:21 – “Generation Next”; Educating Students

09:17 – Outreach initiatives

11:21 – Responsibility as a Community

16:18 – Requesting Feedback and Ideas for Materials; Coaching

25:54 – Sharing the Knowledge bottom up, top down

33:07 – NRL’s Commitment to further Education

37:17 – Closing and Call-To-Action



Provide feedback & Share Ideas for Content via > education@nrlacademy.org

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