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Ep. 1: Cole Quarnberg | Vudoo Gun Works

Episode Notes:

In our first episode of the Precision Rifle Channel Podcast, Travis sits down with Cole Quarnberg.

Cole is the director of sales and marketing at Vudoo Gun Works, public relations manager at Robinson Armament Co., competitive precision rifle shooter, match director, and former sergeant in the Utah National Guard.

Hear what Cole has to say about the rising popularity of Vudoo Gun Works, the growth of the .22 and precision rifle market, and how match directors can sell out their match.


1:00 –How Cole started working with Vudoo Gun Works

3:10 – Growth of the .22 market

6:03 – Future plans for Vudoo Gun Works

12:12 – What ammo should I shoot with?

15:22 –How much Vudoo Gun Works products cost

20:57 – What optics should I be using?

23:55 – How Cole sold-out his match in less than 48 hours

26:45 – What to expect from the 2018 Dog Valley Precision Challenge

30:18 – Other companies and charities Cole is working with

35:14 – The future of the Precision Rifle market and competition

41:50 – What are your plans for the rest of the year
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