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On today’s episode, Sports Agent of OneWest Sports and team manager of PROOF Research, Chris Gittings joins us to talk about brand ambassadorship and sponsored shooters within precision rifle community.

Chris is an NFL Sports Agent by day, with 20 years experience representing and negotiating contracts for players, working on endorsements, charity and appearance deals for them, and has had his own agency for 8 years. Within the shooting industry, he’s been a pistol shooter, 3-gun shooter, and in the latest discipline a competitor of precision rifle. In addition, he is a part-time writer for Outdoor Life.

Learn more about Chris, his insight with brand ambassadorship, what expectations are from sponsored shooters to brands, and vice versa, and more on the PRC Podcast!


00:50 – Chris Gittings background in sports and role in precision rifle

03:20 – Where the Sport of Precision Rifle is headed

06:15 – Sustainable Growth for this Sport

08:26 – Are additional divisions needed within Precision Rifle?

10:01 – Manufacturers utilizing brand ambassadors and sponsored shooters

11:15 – 5 Levels of Brand Ambassadors

15:40 – Outreach obtained through social media

20:45 – Top tier competitors choosing companies and switching companies

23:48 – You want to be a sponsored athlete?

31:26 – Making a living as a professional precision rifle athlete

33:51 – Jersey Shooters

43:08 – Closing thoughts and bringing marketing ideas to shooting sports

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