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Bighorn Steel Classic with Chaz Macrander PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 3

On today’s episode, Chaz Macrander joins to talk about the Bighorn Steel Classic, gear to bring for Nebraska matches, exciting side-matches, and more! Nebraska based competitor, Chaz Macrander got into the sport through hunting and has since done everything from competing, ROing, directing local centerfire matches, to directing 2-day, national-level matches. Learn more about Chaz’s background, gearing up for the match, safety, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 01:23 – Chaz’s Background into the Sport; the addiction 07:25 – Hosting 2-Day National-Level matches 15:11 –

Ringing Steel w/ Lou Smith PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 2

On today’s episode, Lou Smith joins to talk about modifications to reloading process, evolution of cartridges, score analysis, and more! Colorado based competitor, Lou Smith was born into bench-rest, and with an aerospace engineering background, has an eye for the details needed to make first round impacts on long range targets. Learn more about Lou’s background, perspective from the engineer’s mindset, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 01:08 – Intro; Lou’s Background into the Sport 06:01 – Good ol’ Remington 700; getting the precision

Precision Rifle Journey w/ Clay Blackketter PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 1

On today’s episode, Clay Blackketter joins to talk about Clay’s Cartridge Company, his precision rifle journey from last place to first place, his upcoming 2020 NRL match, and much more. Clay is an Oklahoma based competitor, owns his own cartridge company, sits on NRL’s Board of Directors for 2020, is running the Clay Cartridge Company PRC at the end of March, and is one hell of a competitor. Learn more about Clay’s background, getting to that top level, and more, on the

2019 NRL Champion w/ Tate Streater PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 24

On today’s episode, NRL’s 2019 Champion Tate Streater joins to talk about the season, shares on his background, Impact Precision Shooting LLC, and much more. Tate Streater is an Oklahoma based competitor, owns his own action/rifle business, sits on NRL’s Board of Directors 2019-2020, is slated to direct NRL’s Championship match for 2020, and all-around great guy. Learn more about Tate’s background, Impact Precision Shooting LLC, perspective from a season Champion, NRL’s 2020 Season, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 01:14 – Tate’s

Championship Preparations and MDT Developments with Josh Botha, PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 23

On today’s episode, Josh Botha joins on the podcast from Canada and talks about Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) from an engineering standpoint, preparations and mental management going into the NRL Championship, and much more. Josh Botha is a design engineer at MDT and is a wealth of knowledge in engineering development for competitions, he’s a competitive shooter, and all-around great guy. Learn more about Josh’s background, MDT, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 00:35 – Josh’s involvement within precision rifle community 02:04 – Background 03:38

Viking Rifle Series with Marcus Olsson, PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 22

On today’s episode, Marcus Olsson joins on this podcast from Sweden and talks about Viking Rifle Series (VRS), a snapshot on how it looks compared to matches in the US, his match recommendations for competitors in the states, and much more. Marcus Olsson is the Co-Founder of the precision rifle league, Viking Rifle Series, which currently consists of matches across Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Learn more about Marcus’s background, the Viking Rifle Series, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 00:30 – Marcus’

Road to the Championship with Brett Barnes, PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 21

On today’s episode, NRL competitor Brett Barnes joins on this podcast to talk about practice and match preparations, confidence in equipment on how it’s running, who’s on top of their game, and much more. Brett Barnes has been competing for 4 years, and within the NRL Season has made it to some podium finishes and remains a top contender within the sport of precision rifle. Learn more about Brett’s background, his path to the Championship, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 01:20 –

Round Table Discussion on ARS with Unnamed Individuals PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 20

On today’s episode, a group of unnamed individuals join in a round-table format to talk about the American Rifle Series (ARS). Who is ARS and what are they all about? Hear more on their initiatives, it’s purpose, what they do within the precision rifle community, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 01:38 – What is ARS? 08:22 – Who is behind the ARS? 11:30 – American Rifle Series Pro Cup 18:32 – Seriousness of the sport; Badge of Honor 21:05 – It’s Beginnings and Purpose 24:48 –

Continuing Education and the Enriched Community with Scott Satterlee and Marchand Hovrud PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 19

On today’s episode, Scott Satterlee and Marchand Hovrud joins to share big news starting in 2020 and to talk about the responsibility of a community to further educate those around us. At the core of our market is a community enriched and connected by the change NRL is seeking to make. When presented with the opportunity to get behind the mission and carry it forward for generations to come, what will you do? With our little pocket of the world, we

SD Steel Classic AAR and Open Road PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 18

On today’s episode, Travis Ishida joins from the road to provide an After Action Report on the South Dakota Steel Classic presented by Match Director Mike Kane! Hear more from the match, remaining matches of the season, and update on NRL’s 2020 season on the PRC Podcast! Links: 00:17 – South Dakota Steel Classic AAR 10:56 – Matches for 2020 11:26 – Remaining Matches for 2019 If you enjoyed this podcast, make sure to subscribe to us on Soundcloud or iTunes for more episodes and write