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AxisWorks Long Range Challenge w/Christopher Tressler and Rusty Ulmer | PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 3

On today’s episode, match directors Christopher Tressler and Rusty Ulmer, join us to talk about the highly anticipated AxisWorks Long Range Challenge! Christopher has been shooting precision rifle matches since 2011, and has directed several national matches in Arizona. Rusty has been shooting competitively for about 3 years and is a top tier shooter in the NRL. Rusty designed the COF for the AxisWorks Long Range Challenge and will make his debut into match directing. Learn more about Christopher and Rusty, what

Getting Into Reloading w/Nico Detour | PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 2

On today’s episode, Nico Detour stops by the podcast to talk about how he is starting to reload for this upcoming season. Nico has served in the USMC and has competed in multiple Competition Dynamics and NRL matches the last several years. He’s always been an advocate for shooting factory ammo, but this year he’s decided to start reloading to help improve his shooting for the season. Learn more about Nico, what equipment he’s using to reload, what caliber, and more on

2019 NRL Season w/Tyler Frehner | PRC Podcast Season 2 | Ep. 1

Welcome to Season 2 of the Precision Rifle Channel Podcast! What better way to start off the new year and season than with our good friend Tyler Frehner! Tyler Frehner is the Co-Founder and Director of Match Operations for the National Rifle League. Today Tyler will be talking about all the new rules and regulations for the upcoming NRL season, as well as which matches he’s excited for in 2019. Learn more about Tyler, what it’s like being the Director of Match

Precision Rifle Champion Q&A w/Phillip Velayo and Eli Harrison | PRC Podcast Ep. 21

On today’s special episode, we invite 2 different competitors to the podcast: a new shooter and seasoned shooter. Eli Harrison is a hunter from Colorado, and first got introduced to the sport through YouTube. Since then he’s RO’d three national matches and just competed in his first national match. Competitive shooter, Phillip Velayo, recently finished 1st Place at the 2018 PRS Finale and 10th overall for the season. Today Eli gets to ask Phillip any questions he or a new shooter

A Year Dedicated to Competition Shooting with Chris Way | PRC Podcast Ep. 20

On today’s episode, multi-sport adventure athlete, Chris Way, joins the podcast to talk about precision rifle shooting and his ambitious plan for next year. Chris dove head first into the competitive shooting world when he first signed up for the Sniper Adventure Challenge, one of the most physically & mentally demanding matches put on by Competition Dynamics. A couple years later he signed up for his first national match at the Mile High Shootout, and

Are There Too Many Matches? with Adam Vaught | PRC Podcast Ep. 19

On today’s episode, match director Adam Vaught from Kentucky, joins the podcast! Adam is from western Kentucky and ran the Rockcastle rifle series with his wife. He’s been hunting all his life and got into precision rifle shooting 5 years ago. Adam will be directing the Revolution At Rockcastle match later this year in June for the NRL 2019 season. Learn more about Adam, why he thinks too many matches is a problem, the Border War rifle series regions, and more on

3-Gun and Precision Rifle Shooting with Travis Gibson | PRC Podcast Ep. 18

On today’s episode, renowned Pistol and 3-Gunner, Travis Gibson, joins us on the podcast! From bull riding & motorcycling, to pistol shooting, and now to 3-Gun and Long range shooting… Travis has done it all! When he’s not winning matches, Travis is running the world-class steel target manufacturer, MGM Targets! Learn more about Travis, his recent partnership with Caracal USA, shooting tips from the man himself, and more on the PRC Podcast! Index: 0:55 –Bull riding and motorcyclist career before shooting 4:13 – How Travis

2018 NRL Championship with Jon Pynch | PRC Podcast Ep. 17

On today’s special episode, the 2018 NRL Champion – Jon Pynch, stops by the podcast to recap the epic championship match. Coming down to just 1 point, Jon was able to take home the title as this year’s NRL Champion. Listen as Jon takes you through on what went down on the final stage with Austin Orgain and Jake Vibbert. Learn more about Jon, what gear he’s running, who he thinks is the next up-and-comer for next year, and more on the

Evolution of Precision Rifle Matches w/ Scott Satterlee, Keith Baker, and Nico Detour | PRC Podcast Ep. 16

On today’s episode, Travis sits down to chat with various shooters, from both east coast and west coast, just before the Rock Lake NRL Steel Challenge. How can match directors cater to the top, mid-range, and new shooters? How has Self-RO’ing worked at matches? How do you pick and choose which matches to compete in? All these topics discussed by Scott Satterlee, Keith Baker, and Nico Detour. Learn more about the early days of the sport, an east coast shooter’s experience shooting

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks with Britainy McMillan | PRC Podcast Ep. 15

On today’s episode, Travis invites Britainy McMillan, VP of Operations at McMillan Fiberglass Stocks! The McMillan Family has devoted itself to the firearms industry for the last 40 years. The family business has grown into one of the most well-known and respected custom rifle stocks in the industry. Today McMillan is a proud sponsor of Guardian Long Range competitions, which are full day precision shooting events where 100% of the proceeds go towards helping orphans and foster children. Hear more about Britainy,